Teresa Krieger

My quest is to capture the 'awe' of creation through painting, and so to inspire others. My experience is that scenes of beauty and grandeur awaken our senses and bring peace into our stressful lives.
I have been very blessed to travel to many beautiful places in the world observing with a keen eye the complexity of nature. I sometimes attempt to capture the beauty through painting 'en plein air" . I do not like to copy pictures but prefer the joy of creating painterly works of the places and people I see. Sometimes my work is abstract "expressing the feeling" through the medium of paint.
My paintings follow the impressionistic or abstract style using brushes, palette knife or mixed media. My preferred medium is oil but I also enjoy creating with mixed media and acrylic paints. I am particularly interested in the use of light in painting to achieve greater depth and dimension.

I am honored to be a member of the Arts and Music Guild of McKinney, a board member of the Visual Arts Guild Of Frisco,a member of the Cove which is a cooperative of creatives in the arts and an associate member of the Oil Painters Of America.
I am finding that as an artist and as a retired Occupational Therapist the Arts can be used as a great tool for bringing more understanding of ourselves and others in a creative, compassionate and integrative manner.